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Här har vi samlat ett brett utbud av guider för att ge dig ökad kunskap om hur du använder våra instrument för specifika applikationer.



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Portable appliance testing

Earth leakage tests of portable appliances

PAT testing IT equipment

Testing 110V Appliances

Earth continuity in PAT testing

PAT testing surge protected equipment



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Internal Impedance of Batteries - What it is and Why it Works

Impedance: it correlates to battery capacity

Testing for ground faults on storage batteries

Identifying faults in storage batteries can be problematic. Using a test signal frequency in the range 20 Hz to 30 Hz can minimise interruption from ‘phantom’ faults in batteries.

Using battery test equipment with asset management software

Lost data records can be a problem for major power utilities. Using the right test equipment with modern asset management software can help to ensure that consumers are never without power.

The batteries that radar UPS systems depend on need regular testing to ensure that the skies stay safe

Batteries play a crucial role in ensuring that air traffic control systems around the world can continue to operate reliably and safely even if there is a failure of the mains supply at the radar stations on which they rely. It is imperative, therefore, that those batteries should be maintained in good condition, with potential problems detected and remedied before they can develop into outright failures.



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5 KV and 10 KV insulation testing

DELTA4000 12 kV Insulation Diagnostic System application guide

Diagnostic insulation testing digest 5 and 10 k V

Dielectric Discharge Test

Interfacing MIT525, MIT1025 to PowerDB

Electric and hybrid vehicles need a special testing regime

Insulation test instruments for use in garages on electric vehicles need to be both physically tough because of the environment in which they are used, and to provide accurate diagnostic information. Wireless data communication ensures that faults and critical trending information are diagnosed rapidly.

Interpreting long-term insulation resistance trends

Having good insulation on electrical equipment is rather like having a water tank in your loft that’s actually watertight. In both cases, the cost of repairing an actual fault – whether it’s poor insulation or a leaking tank – is likely to be much less than the cost of repairing the damage caused by the fault. Nevertheless, how many people actually take the trouble to look occasionally at their water tanks to check that they are in good order? Not many, I suspect, even though doing so could potentially save a lot of money and heart-ache.



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The “ART” of earth electrode testing - Megger DET3TC with ICLAMP option

Clamp On electrode testing methods - DET4TC and DET4TCR with ICLAMP and VCLAMP

Earth leakage clamp applications

Earth leakage tests of portable appliances

Parallel Earth Paths

Stake-less earth/ground testing with DET14C and DET24C clamps

Working with Fault Monitors

KAT IV instrument


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CATIV instrument rating



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Loop Testing Techniques

Automatic derivation of R1 + R2 values

MFT1700 Loop Testing Options

Low voltage circuits


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Checking isolation of low voltage circuits

Testing wall mounted USB sockets

Power quality


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PA9 equipment tripping out - INDUSTRIAL


PA9 Tripping breakers - INDUSTRIAL


PA9 computer problems - RESIDENTIAL

PA9 fast running clocks - RESIDENTIAL


PA9 Lights dimming and surging - RESIDENTIAL


PA9 component failures - UTILITIES

PA9 neutral overheating - UTILITIES

PA9 Switchgear - UTILITIES

PA9 Transformers - UTILITIES

PA9 Tripping breakers - UTILITIES

PA9 formatting Gigabyte flash cards Dec 2007

PA9 resetting a watchdog timer

PA9 component failures

PA9 computer problems V2

PA9 dimming lights

PA9 equipment tripping

PA9 fast clocks

PA9 Flicker

PA9 motors

PA9 neutral overheat

PA9 Switchgear

PA9 Transformers

PA9 Tripping breakers 1

PA9 Tripping breakers 2

PA9 Tripping breakers 3


PA9 wavy CRT



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Time Domain Reflectometers - Applications

TDR Basic operation

Using a TDR to find cable faults without applying a high voltage

Although you will still need a combination of test instruments including an insulation test set, in the right circumstances, a TDR can sometimes locate cable faults without the need to apply a high voltage to the cable.

RCD testing


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RCD testing options

Testing appliances fitted with RCDs



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Controlling the MPRT with an external source

Tangens Delta


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Power factor testing for circuit breakers

Power factor testing of bushings

Power factor testing of cables and potheads

Power factor testing of circuit breakers

Power factor testing of power & distribution transformers

Power factor testing of surge (lighting) arresters



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Structured Cable Certification Tests

Testning av ledningar i kommersiella lokaler


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Testing three phase systems

Multifunction testers were designed for residential and commercial electrical contractors, but also meet the needs of those working in utilities and industry

Multifunction testers are extremely versatile. They were designed to meet the needs of electrical contractors – rapid, accurate measurements in a tough case – but are also of direct relevance to electrical engineers working in other industries.

Testning av ledningar på byggplatser


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Testing on 110V systems



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TTR calibration and functionality tests

The note describes how to check the TTR calibration using the appropriate calibration box and standards, plus how to check that the different functional tests in the TTR are working.

Diagnostic insulation tests for condition assessment of electrical assets have been redesigned to eliminate the shortcomings of older test equipment

Portable high voltage diagnostic insulation testers feature automatic voltage dependence detection and are much lighter and easier to use than previously. They also provide comprehensive facilities for archiving, analysing and reporting results.

Predictive diagnostic testing of electrical apparatus including transformers

Electric apparatus sometimes fails because of insulation deterioration. A proactive approach using Tan delta/power factor diagnostic testing is the key to monitoring the integrity of the insulation system and preventing or at least anticipating such failures. Understanding the impact of these parameters will help in obtaining accurate measurements that can be relied upon in the decision making process.

SFRA testing on transformers

Dismantling a power transformer to determine its condition is hardly ever a practical possibility. By using the latest proven SFRA test techniques, it is possible to accurately assess transformer condition without dismantling it.The latest SFRA test sets make these techniques more accessible, more convenient and more dependable that ever.

Reliable transformer diagnostics are essential for efficient maintenance of ageing energy infrastructure

Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR/FDS) measurement is a technique for general insulation testing and diagnostics. In comparison with standard 50/60 Hz dissipation factor measurements, DFR measurements has many advantages.

Storing thermal images with asset maintenance information

Using asset management software together with thermal imaging cameras can result in more cost effective maintenance and fault finding on electrical equipment.

Transformer oil testing for dielectric strength

Vessel preparation and elimination of the effects of moisture and contamination play a major role in successful oil testing. This application note points to the precautions that need to be taken

Delta 4000 Voltage v frequency capacity/capability

This document will help end users better utilize the wide ranging frequency capability of the Delta4000.  The note clarifies how to get more concise voltage/current specifications at both the lower and higher end of the frequency range.


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