Kommunikation mätutrustning

Kommunikation mätutrustning

Telecom testing equipment

Megger erbjuder pålitlig mätutrustning för applikationsområden inom tele- och datakommunikation. Dessa mätinstrument inkluderar TDR, isolations- och kontinuitetstestare, batteriprovare, jordresistansprovare och handhållna nätverkstestare.


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A network in its simplest form consists of two computers using specialised cabling to enable communication between the two, allowing both machines to send and receive data. This cabling is often referred to as structured cabling because it is built in to the structure of the building. To ensure these cables meet specified standards, a number of different test instruments must be used to carry out the required tests. These instruments can include wiremap testers, continuity testers and more advanced instruments, which combine these tests and also include others such as signal delay, length and crosstalk. Megger has a wide range of telecommunication and data communication applications to help you manage your networks efficiently and cost effectively. Available test instruments include TDRs, copper wire analysers, insulation and continuity testers, battery testers, earth testers and hand-held network performance testers.