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Our mission and values

Megger has a values-led approach, where our collective behaviours drive a culture that puts our customers first, seeks to innovate, and produces first-class customer service and experience. And our values start from the top all the way through the organisation, so you can be sure that you will get the same quality wherever you are, and whoever you talk to. Our mission is to help you keep your Power on. We focus our expertise in developing innovative testing solutions that are world class on safety, performance, reliability and ease-of-use. We are committed to providing you with the measurement results and insight to make informed decisions about your assets, increasing uptime and safety.



As a multinational family, we are culturally aware, and socially rich. Our respect and consideration for each other makes collaboration easy and this is evident in the quality of our work.

Pioneering is in our DNA. As innovators, we encourage change and the positive influence this brings to the lives of our workforce, our customers, their communities and the wider environment.

Our intellectually powerful, problem-solving mindset and uncompromising attitude to safety, make us predictably reliable.

When we take the initiative, lead by example and amplify our individual sense of fun, we are inspirational to those around us. When we are transparent, humble and supportive, we gain their admiration and trust.

The Megger brand is a global badge of technical excellence and customer reassurance because our people are strong, resilient and focused.
One Vision, one Megger!