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EGIL200 - få dina testresultat gjorda på nolltid

EGIL200 - få dina testresultat gjorda på nolltid


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Developed in response to user demand for an affordable mid-range circuit breaker analyser that is fast and easy to use, the new EGIL 200 from Megger delivers dependable results with a minimum of user intervention. Ideally suited for testing high- and medium-voltage circuit breakers in substation and industrial applications, this versatile instrument offers a wide range of functions, including all of the standard measurements specified in the IEEE C37 and IEC 62271 standards.

The new EGIL 200 is based on technology used in Megger’s market-leading EGIL and TM-series circuit breaker analysers. It combines the ease of use offered by these instruments with many of the other features that have made them so popular. These include DualGroundTM timing using the patented dynamic capacitance measurement (DCM) system; and accurate PIR contact timing and PIR resistance measurement, even in difficult environments, thanks to patented Active Interference Suppression technology.

Other key features of the EGIL 200 are one-click report generation to a pdf file or direct to an optional integrated printer, and robust construction that makes it suitable for use in even the most demanding of on-site conditions. In fact, the EGIL 200 is so robust that it can even be shipped as goods without the need for protective transport case.

“Our customers told us that they needed a fast and convenient way of testing circuit breakers, but that there must be no sacrifice in performance or accuracy,” said Niclas Wetterstrand, Business Development Director Protection at Megger. “The EGIL 200 is our response. It provides many of the key features of our more advanced instruments and matches their performance, but it has been designed from the outset with ease of use in mind. In terms of the time it takes to get from starting the test to producing documented measurement results, it’s unbeatable!”

The EGIL 200 can be supplied in versions that are pre-configured for standard applications, such as medium-voltage, high-voltage and dead-tank breaker testing, or in a fully customisable configuration that supports up to four breaks per phase and three analogue inputs.

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