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Legal demands

Legal demands

WEEE Directive – 2012/19/EU
WEEE, Waste Electronic Equipment. Please utilize your local WEEE collection facilities in the disposal of our products and otherwise observe all applicable requirements. An end-of-life Megger product can also be returned to Megger at any time at no charge of the disposal.  

To fulfil our obligations as a producer under the WEEE- directive, Megger Sweden AB is affiliated to the producer responsibility organization Elkretsen. Elkretsen is approved by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to help companies fulfil their producer responsibility collection conditions on the Swedish market.

RoHs Directive – 2011/65/EU 
The RoHs Directive has restrictions and limitations for usage of certain hazardous substances. All products designed and produced by Megger Sweden AB comply with the RoHs Directive. 

Statement on REACH – (EG) nr 1907/2006
Having regularly evaluation of our suppliers and material composition, Megger has, to the best of its knowledge and belief, determined that Megger products do not contain any of the substances on the latest SVHC Candidate List in excess of 0.1% by weight per article except below listed substances. These falls under the Information duty regarding substances on REACH article 33 SVHC-list.

Products may contain components with lead above 0.1% by weight which are on the exception list of RoHs Directive e.g. semiconductors.  
Products with coin cell battery contains 1,2- dimethoxyethane (CAS 110-71-4) above 0.1% by weight.