MTDR300 - MTDR300


The MTDR300 has been discontinued and is being replaced by the Teleflex SX-1

  • 3-phase TDR.
  • Battery and Mains operation.
  • Range >55km/34miles (TDR).
  • Range >220km/137miles (Transient).
  • Auto-Ranging “Find end of Cable”.
  • Auto-Fault Find “Cursor to Fault”.
  • Single Jog-Dial Operation via User Friendly menus.
  • Large 10.4” (26.4mm) full XGA colour display
  • Rugged, Robust Field Proven Case.

The MTDR300 is a 3-phase Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) designed to provide quick, effective, accurate and safe prelocation of cable faults in electrical networks

Operation of the instrument is via a single jog dial and intuitive menu system. The large colour display further enhances operator comfort and aids rapid and accurate fault prelocation.

The MTDR300 can be powered from its internal rechargeable battery or mains power. It’s housed in a rugged, robust, field proven case making it suitable for use in hostile or challenging environments

By combining the MTDR300 with an impulse generator (thumper) and arc reflection filter, several methods of high voltage fault prelocation are possible.

The CAS-1 stand-alone software package is supplied with all MTDR300’s. This package allows the download (and upload) of saved traces for future analysis. It is also an ideal training package, as it contains all features of the MTDR itself.