IEC 61850 solutions

IEC 61850 solutions


In modern digital substations, the IED’s are connected through an IT network where the communication is digital and follows the IEC 61850 standard, an international standard where Megger has been contributing to its evolution since Edition 1. The primary data is also digitised through merging units and published as Sampled Values at a network called process bus.

These IEC 61850 networks require specialised solutions to effectively verify that the substation is properly configurated and Megger has been providing such since 2009. For example, to capture the current data traffic and compare that with the specified and authorised data traffic helps to identify potential problems and in worst case, unauthorised data traffic by intruders.

Order information

Once you select your preferred single or multi-function relay protection tester, make sure you include the GOOSE and Sampled Values pin in your package. To do this, please write the correct number in the internal software option.



IEC 61850 Hardware solutions

The test equipment is the hardware of the test system and interfaces with the IEC 61850 network. The display models have all testing capabilities onboard.

Check out our multi-phase relay testers with IEC 61850 capability.

Check out our single-phase relay testers with IEC 61850 capability.

Key features:

  • IEC 61850 9-2 LE compliant
  • 1 µs time synchronisation
  • Secure access point
  • Onboard IEC 61850 capability
  • Available in all FREJA and SMRT models
  • SMRT1: cost-effective, full capability at lowest possible cost



MGC - Megger GOOSE configurator

The MGC provides advanced network troubleshooting tasks and maps GOOSE messages to binary inputs and outputs.

Check out our relay software package with IEC 61850 capability.

Key features:

  • Intuitive GOOSE configuration
  • Non-intrusive network sniffer
  • Smart grouping of GOOSE
  • Comparison of GOOSE traffic and SCD file
  • Automatic change identification
  • Seamless handling of sniffed GOOSE and SCL GOOSE
  • Support for Ed.1 Test and Ed.2 Simulation



SVA - Sampled Values analyser

The SVA provides visualisation and control of sampled values (SV) for multiple data streams.

Check out our relay software package with IEC 61850 capability.

Key features:

  • IEC 61850 9-2 LE compliant
  • Three data streams simultaneously
  • Easy and intuitive visualisation of SV traffic
  • COMTRADE file export of SV traffic
  • Easy and intuitive SV configurator for FREJA and SMRT
  • Support for Ed. 2 Simulation