• Fully automated testing using FREJA Win software
  • Stand-alone operation using intuitive high resolution graphic touchscreen, no PC required to operate
  • 4 Voltage channels, 3 Current channels
  • High current, high power output – up to 60 Amps / 300 VA rms per phase
  • Dynamic GPS satellite synchronized end-to-end testing capability
  • IEC 61850 testing capability

FREJA 543 is a multipurpose, light, portable relay test set . The unit can be operated either manually via the built-in touch-screen user interface running FREJA Local, or placed under full computer control via the FREJA Win Software.

The built-in user interface is Megger’s second generation of automatic / semi-automatic manual user interface running the FREJA Local software. The large, easy to read Full Colour high resolution, high definition, TFT LCD touch-screen display allows the user to perform manual, steady-state and dynamic testing quickly and easily. FREJA Local includes built-in preset test routines for automatic testing.

FREJA Firmware 6.276

FREJA Firmware files - For SV capability there is a two app firmware available, one for 50 Hz systems and one for 60 Hz systems
734,5 KB | 03-01-23
734,5 KB | 03-01-23

Released: October, 2018

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768,2 MB | 31-01-19

Released: November,  2022

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996,8 MB | 13-03-23

Released: October, 2018

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501,8 MB | 31-01-19